Maybe you already know (I’m not sure if it’s a Chicago-thing or not)…

…though, if you don’t, you’ll quickly find out that the word ‘treated’ has taken on a new meaning. According to the urban dictionary, treated is the slang word for ‘being put down’, ’embarrassed by somebody’ or ‘dissed’ in some way.

For example, if I said something like, “That girls dress looks like a stretched out sweater that was ravaged from the pile of L.A.M.B’s Spring 08 discards”, you would say, “Oh shit, she just got TREATED!”. That is, if you use that kind of speak. Personally, I would just say, “TREAT-EDDD!”.

The people that put on the Thursday night party at the Underground in Chicago are obviously familiar enough with the phrase to name their weekly event after it.

The party, which has hosted notable DJ’s like Flosstradamus, Skeet Skeet and Mano, is geared toward the Wicker Park set, even though the venue is nestled in the bourgeois Gold Coast area. Because of the location the party tends to attract the neighborhood’s socialites, people who know people and people who want to know people.

This party is ALWAYS packed so be prepared to wait in a long line, have no room to dance (once you do get in) and spend at least 50 bux on drinks or should I say, get TREAT-EDDD!




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  • Chris

    I nearly laughed my ass off when I heard my nephew first told me “ooooohh!!! TREATEDDDDDD!!!!”

    I guess it’s no different than saying “you just got CARRIED!” when I was a kid in DC (btw, carried is pronounced like “curried,” if you prefer to use the DC-area accent for more authenticity).

  • d

    always a good time. although i’m a little unsure about the headband in the first pic. what do i know, though.

  • Natalie

    Hey Monica! 🙂
    I used to tutor kids, and they would educate me on the usage of various new phrases. Not only are you supposed to say ‘treated,’ you are supposed to make a T with your forearms for extra zing.

  • B*Dazzle

    so, why’d you go?

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