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4 Style Steps to Keeping Up with KimYe (or What to Wear to a 2Chainz Concert)

Yeah, we luve dem strippers, but we don’t need to look like them, so in lieu of 2Chainz’ performance at the Metro this Friday tickets we urge you to channel your inner Kimye. We promise,…

Cannes Fashion 2012

Just a Few #RUDE Thoughts on the Style at Cannes 2012(and a Couple of Nice Ones, Too…)

If I told you I wanted to watch these two make love would you judge me? Asking for a friend. :::Golf Claps::: …PS: Nice thumb ring…  U___U Slits…SO HOT right now! Meanwhile, Ang…

Keeping Up With The Kar..er..Ehsani’s

I was in Forever 21 one day, shopping for my twenty-fourth pair of sunglasses, when I spotted this Kim Kardashian-esque girl. Maybe it wasn’t clear, back when I told you about the nude…

Lincoln Park Before Dark

From this blog alone you can probably tell that I’m all about Wicker Park. I go out of my way to dis Gold Coast bars, guffaw the idea of frequenting anything north of…

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