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Neckerchiefs and Nose Rings

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Adorable, even with tape on her frames It’s been two weeks since the new year has begun and I am finally putting up pictures from the party I went to.(If I believed in…

Sad in Plaid

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P.S.- I saw something similar on the runway in the Sept. 07 Elle. Does anyone have it or know what I’m talking about? Let me know I want to show the comparison… UPDATE:…

Style Icon: Hitler and Eva

I found this weird couple somewhere… He kept forcing me to take pictures of his “Hitler mustache” and I’m pretty sure she kept hinting for me to take noodz of her in the…

chicago street style fashion blog

{{Trends}} Where the Wild Things Are

 Remember last year when you’d go to a party and every guy in the place was wearing a weird wolf t shirt that looked like it came straight off some creepy truck driver’s…

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