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{{Fashion}} Can Women Under 70 Wear Berets?

When I think of berets, the first thing that comes to mind is my mom. While there are soooooo many other connotations – beatniks, Rerun from “What’s Happenin’”, the men helped fight crime…

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What/When/Wear: Flower Power – How To Pull Off Floral Hot Shorts

WHAT: Hot shorts are my strange addiction. Every summer I buy a pair and wear them like I’m not 28, 29, 30, almost 31, and own the world. Last year I was all about the animal…

Accessories: Brace’ Yourself

Accessories: Brace’ Yourself

Left to Right: Forever21 Silver Pyramid Spiked Bracelet, Forever21Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet, Vintage Gold Stretchy Watch, Vintage Mock Croc/Gold Lock Watch, Forever21 Modern Friendship Bracelet

Beauty Mark: Think Pink

Spring is finally here! Flowers! Sunshine! Dudes! I’m not quite sure how it happens, but guys come out of the woodwork in spring. Cute ones are everywhere – winking at you in Border’s,…

Keeping Up With The Kar..er..Ehsani’s

I was in Forever 21 one day, shopping for my twenty-fourth pair of sunglasses, when I spotted this Kim Kardashian-esque girl. Maybe it wasn’t clear, back when I told you about the nude…

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