{{Fitness}} The Juice Is Loose: How to Survive the BluePrint Cleanse

The Blueprint Cleanse┬áis a 3-day juice fast comprised of 6 drinks per day. TBH, I tried to do this in 2009 but was not as dedicated to the cause back then. AKA I…

{{Fitness} 3 Steps to Finding Your Grown Up Gym + Why I Picked Equinox

An integral part of turning 30 is learning to accept that your metabolism is getting slower by the day. Even you skinny bitches need to realize this. From age 0 – 26 ish,…

What to Wear to Wicker Park's New Gym

{{Fitness}} What to Wear to Wicker Park’s New Gym

Like clockwork every January we become super-stoked on starting a new fitness plan. This time is different because it’s not just because of the goals we set but because we can’t wait to…

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