{{ST. LOUIS}} This Ain’t Your Mama’s Spandex

pnI’m not a conservative girl by any means, however, when someone says, “SPANDEX”, my initial reaction is to run the other way (especially when it’s followed by the word bodysuit).

Though, after seeing Peggy Noland’s line, I assume she has the opposite reaction. Noland, an indie fashion designer, has fused both of the (usually) cringe-inducing elements to make her skintight, neon-infused eponymous line, Peggy Noland Kansas City (PNKC). And, somehow, it worked.

Her line, which includes 90’s-esque garb like neon alphabet bodysuits, figure skater leotards and low-crotched leggings is taking the fashion [and music] world by storm. Not bad for a girl who was turned down by the Peace Corp.

But the coolest thing about Peggy Noland…she’s from Missouri!

That’s right, the newest “too cool for school” designer is from the heartland and her creations are a force to be reckoned with.

At 25-years-old, the Kansas City resident, who has already been featured in Nylon and Vice, has managed to turn the most unflattering trend of yesteryear into the hipster “must have” of twenty-oh-eight. The fact that her designs are a favorite among Tilly and the Wall’s Kianna Alarid and CSS front babe Lovefoxxx might help her cause, too. Or maybe, it’s thanks to Jeremy Scott, yet another trendsetter from Missouri, who helped pave the way with his own outlandish and unique creations.pn2

Whatever the reason, Peggy Noland’s gotten people to notice and she’s developing quite a following among rockers, club kids, and fashionistas alike. In fact, Noland recently collaborated with MadeMe on a line of nu rave, printed leggings that would make Lindsay Lohan swoon.

Rumor has it that she’s headed to Tokyo in August for a guerrilla-style, one-month pop-up boutique. But, since most of us can’t make it to Japan, you check her out on the web at www.peggynoland.com. Also, if you happen to be in Kansas City, stop by her store, located at 124 W. 18th Street.

Because if Jeremy Scott’s career is any indication, Peggy Noland’s star is rising…

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  • Anonymous

    way to go Plesko! can’t wait for the next article 🙂 Though I don’t think I could pull off the spandex look, but I’m sure you’ll make it hot 😉

  • Anonymous

    really good this stuff is awesome. she crazy

  • Anonymous

    This is some good stuff. If you all are interested in some St. Louis style here is some photos from Rock the Runway which was held in St. Louis. Enjoy! http://stlouis.metromix.com/events/photogallery/photo-galelry-rock-the/482863/content

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