{{Sex + Dating}} “Send Pics” and 12 Other Ways to Spot A Fuckboi

You meet someone you are insanely attracted to on Tinder. It starts out sexy and exciting. It’s exactly what you need after a string of boring dates so you play along. You meet in person and the chemistry is palpable. How did you live without him? It’s insane for a couple weeks then all of a sudden it becomes confusing. You start to wonder what you’re doing wrong and think “it’s complicated” because you KNOW he likes you buttt his actions aren’t adding up. In reality, it’s not complicated, he’s just a fuckboi.

I can’t convince you. It’s one of those things you have to learn on your own because guys have become REALLY good at this. Like, you might be thinking, “No way, {insert f*ckboy} is sooo nice. He’s just going slow right now because he just got out of a relationship and doesn’t want to hurt me. Plus, he views my Snap stories all the way through. That’s gotta count for something.” I promise he’s not worried about your feelings. Also, social media isn’t real. He’s showing you that he’s lazy and that you are not worth enough to him to make the effort. Hence, why he’ll reach out BUT only when it’s for something that benefits him.

When you’re involved in this kind of “relationship” you cannot think straight. Inside you know that you are doing everything wrong but you can’t help yourself. It’s a scab. You KNOW you shouldn’t pick at it but god, you just can’t stop.

You wake up one day (after agonizing for months or even years) and realize, “holy fuck, what was I thinking??” as you look back with 20/20 vision at the wreckage, a flaming pile of degrading texts and wasted hours of stalking his Instagram hoes. You facepalm. There’s a pit in your stomach. That was quite possibly the most embarassing thing you could do but, it’s ok. You will be ok. I swear. You needed that disaster in order to recognize what it looks like when a nice guy appears.

You’ll know him by the consistent text messages and dinner invitations, the call for adventures and excitement when he can show you off to his friends – all without ever having to give him anything in return.


  1. He tells you before you even meet, “I’m really not looking for anything serious.”
  2. You sleep with each other on a weekly basis but, he still refers to you as his “friend”.
  3. You see him on a date with another girl and he still says, “Does this mean we have to stop banging?”
  4. When he’s busy putting his dick in some other idiot his excuses not to see you include, “I just have a lot of stuff going on right now.”
  5. He blows you off last minute and provides little or no explanation.
  6. He messages you once every few months to tell you how sexy you look in your latest Insta pic/Snap story but doesn’t ask to see you IN PERSON.
  7. He ONLY communicates with you via Snapchat or Facebook Messanger.
  8. He has yet to take you out on a date outside of your apartment.
  9. He makes you feel like you owe him pics.
  10. He literally falls off the face of the fucking Earth aka ghosts you.
  11.  When you say you don’t want to sleep with him, he’ll say something like, “What? Are you on your period or something?”
  12. His obscenely high Snapchat score forces you to wonder what photos and videos he’s sending/receiving.
  13. His idea of spontaneity is sending unsolicited dick pictures. 

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