Posh-itvely Amazing!

Last week I got the amazing opportunity to meet and greet with Victoria Beckham a.k.a. Posh Spice when she came to Chicago. The miniature starlet was in town for a concert and to promote her denim line, DVB, at Saks.Lucky for me, my bff is the Denim Director at the Michigan Ave. department store, so I didn’t have to wait in line with the superfans.Instead, I waited in a small, private room (probably the size of my kitchen) and sipped champagne (FYI it was 11 AM) with the ladies-who-lunch and S5A’s head honchos until Posh’s grand entrance.I came across a real-life Charlotte York, the newest “Louies” and more diamonds than the eye could see.Posh and I wore matching black blazers. Obviously because great minds think alike.Here’s a taste of what I saw…








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  • d

    your bff is in the print scarf? very cute.

    saw you featured in the fashion edition of chicago magazine…VERY cool, and congratulations!

  • jessica

    wow that is sooo cool so is she really pretty i bet she is super skiny wow ur lucky

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