{{Street Style}} Pleasant Pleats

  • Anonymous

    Really not sure when or why my 3rd grade teacher’s daily outfit became a fashion statement, and I’m not so sure I like it.

  • chickdowntown.com Sara Jayne

    It’s definitely a recycled look, but I do like it sometimes! There’s kind of a fine line between what looks intentionally fashionable and what looks like a bit of a mistake…I like the first outfit much better than the second. Maybe it’s the higher waist?

  • L. Jerome

    Top one – in blue – i would buy her flowers and something to eat – i’d be nice to her and listen to her stories… then ask her if i could be her boss – then she’d say, “no, i’m your boss” – and i’d love it, she’d be my boss for sure…. alllll night

    also – that’s a cool wall behind her…

  • Midge

    This is definitely a style that not everyone can pull off. It can be quite unflattering… who wants to wear something that calls more attention to the belly pooch? Wearers certainly need to proceed with caution and consider what works for their body type.

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