Michelle Levelle Boutique Opening

When I’m invited to a boutique opening, I always assume that there will be some kind of discount, free drinks and/or the occasional gift bag. All of which are great ways to attract a following, especially when you are new on the scene, but tends to become boring(as a blogger)after the first 20 you go to.

At a recent opening I went to, I definitely was not bored. It was because this time, the owners did something a little different. Instead of having their party IN their store, they had it ABOVE, on the the rooftop of the building their new boutique is housed.

The view was amazing and of course, the Champagne and chocolate fondue station were nice, too!

The new boutique I’m talking about is Michelle Levelle. The high-end dress boutique will be selling gorgeous dresses and is by appointment only. Pretty fancy.

It was no surprise, with the caliber of this party, that beautiful Chicagoans abound. In the crowd I spotted a top model and project runway alum.

Did I mention the hot tub? Yea, this was definitely the best boutique opening in a while. Check out Michelle Levelle’s designs at www.michellelevelleboutique.com








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  • Anonymous

    is that the girl from top model with asbergers?!

  • monica

    Yes…”In the crowd I spotted a top model and project runway alum. “

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