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bodega blooms

We teamed up with our friend Robert from Fleurum, a luxury floral design studio, to celebrate the arrival of Spring – a season no longer marked by a specific date (because we all know it’s not even nice out until WAY after March 20th) but by a vibe in the air when everyone is walking around jacket-less and all outings involve a patio.

What better way to welcome the warmth than with a happy hour dedicated to learning how to turn all the newly bloomed #MayFleurs (from your bodega flowers stand, perhaps?) into magical creations for your coffee table.

Being in NYC we couldn’t quite get our hands on access to a lush garden so we found the next best thing – a French cheese shop in the heart of NoLita. Triple creme, brie, and camembert from French Cheese Board fueled the flower design class led by Robert.

French Cheese + Wine + French Hand Tied Bouquets = OOO LA LA

In a matter of an hour, we learned how to arrange multiple types of flowers together, properly cut the stems, hand tie the bouquet, and set them up in a vase. Guests not only went home with their own spin on an arrangement but also the newfound knowledge to turn otherwise cheesy corner store concoctions into something pretty special.

French Cheese Board, Fleurum, Skinney Med Spa, Phyto Paris, Owl’s Brew, Nateeva Fragrances, Sinful Nail Polish, SoHo Makeup Brushes, and All in the Cards, and our photographer, Svetlana Jovanovic.

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