Latest Obsession: I Am Neurotic

I am completely insane, I’ll be the first to admit it. I am super picky, especially when it comes to food, I have OCD (that only gets worse with age) and I have ADD(wait, what did you say?). Having all these neuroses can make a gal a little insecure(did I mention, my anxiety?) but when I came upon i am neurotic, my racing, never-stop-thinking mind was put to ease(as much as it could be). Yeaaa, I’m not alone!

I am neurotic is a place for people like me, fellow neurotics, to vent their neuroticisms.

One reader wrote in:

“I’mcrazy about my toenails. I’ve never had a pedicure and they are ALWAYSpainted. If somebody touches my toenails, I freak out, cry, and startyelling at them. I’m always afraid my toenails will be ripped off. If Istub my toe, I fall into a panic attack and must immediately make surethat my toenails are still in place. My toes are curled and I’mcringing just typing this.”

Wow, and I thought I was weird.

Some fun facts I learned on the site include the fact that our awesome president-elect, Barack Obama, is a little neurotic about food and that neurotic women are more likely to blog than non-neurotic women(not a big surprise).

So, if you’re like me and HAVE to have Heinz ketchup, and nothing less, or just like to check if your car door is locked(3 times, of course), then check out this site and submit your own little piece of weirdness. The experience might actually be cathartic.


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  • eyeliah

    Oh yeah, I’ll change it in other people’s bathrooms if it’s put on the wrong way. 🙂

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