Latest Obsession: Capes ’n Capes

Top Row: Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Cape Dress; Photo by Garance DoreRendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister Normandy Cape. Bottom Row: Photo by FacehunterCalifornia Fleece Cape; Photo by Altamira NYC.

It’s only the beginning of January but I’m already dreaming of better midwestern weather. Better weather in which wearing capes seems more practical than say, puffy ski coats (just kidding, I haven’t owned one of those since the sixth grade. It was yellow.) Anyways, I want a nice wool cape very badly even if it means that carrying a purse will be incredibly difficult and my arms might get very cold.

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  • Sal

    Man, me too. I just love the look of capes. And I KNOW it’d be the single most impractical winter outerwear item I own. And I own many, far-too-wimpy-for-MN-weather coats.

  • abbie

    i refuse to wear traditional keep me warm coats, even in iowa weather. i actually own very few coats. but i do have a cape that i pull out when times get desperate and layers upon layers just wont do with a jacket. i always get a lot of compliments on it, i don’t think people traditionally imagine capes as viable and stylish options.

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