Land of Link-in: Thursday, February 18

[1] Holy. Shit. Anna Wintour had to wait in line; on a darkened runway somewhere, a PR intern is being sacrificed to the catwalk gods. (Gatecrasher)

[2] “Hipster” is apparently an unofficial sporting event. That said, French dude takes gold for the ‘stache over his ‘stache. (Gawker)

[3] He may be allergic to vagina, but Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen as a pillow is just so damn cuddly. How am I not surprised that it’s already sold out? (The Daily What)

[4] This (questionably NSFW) ad makes my tummy hurt from laughing. Or cringing, because clearly in America, this would never air. Vive la France! (Youtube)

[5] The Vatican releases a Top 10 Pop(e?) list (approved by no less than St. Peter, apparently). (Paste Magazine)





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