Land of Link-in: Friday, March 5

[1] We all like lists. To do lists, shopping lists, lists-for-the-sake-of-listing lists. This, one though, is a veritable smackdown of all other kinds: Types. Of. Bitches. (And I’m Not Lying)

[2] Hipster Grifter, answering questions on video! (Sadly, I think she’s funnier on paper.) (Gawker)

[3] We all know Naomi Campbell is not to be trifled with: bitch’ll cut you. But the cabbie she attacked is apologizing to her. Is he the bigger man or just afraid of her ire? (Newser)

[4] Urban Outfitters weddings. Can you imagine all of the owl- and irony-themed weddings to be had? Because I can. (HuffPo)

[5] Because it’s Friday and it’s nice to have something to look forward to. (Gossip Girl)

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