Just a Few #RUDE Thoughts on the 2012 Met Ball (and a Couple of Nice Ones, Too…)

Some thoughts on the 2012 Met Ball Gala…

met ball 2012 fashion 8========D~~~~~~~~~~~~

met ball 2012 fashion

I don’t know either of these people but I hope they are dating.

met ball 2012 fashion

How come his girl from Twilight hasn’t figured out how to dress yet?

met ball 2012 fashion Anja Rubik just told Angelina Jolie to “Go F— Yourself”.

met ball 2012 fashion

These women are everything.

met ball 2012 fashion e__e

met ball 2012 fashion [Insert Alien Emoji x 4]

met ball 2012 fashion

Unless you’re one of the Downton Abbey’s, you shouldnt be wearing this style on a red carpet

met ball 2012 fashion Not my fave but go ‘head, move your body like a snake ma.

met ball 2012 fashion

Hollywood Hipsters.

met ball 2012 fashion

Uh, hi.

met ball 2012 fashion

Calvin Klein. Period. …::drops mic. walks off stage.::…

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