If you’re not from Chicago, you should probably know that everyone from (or around) the city is incredibly proud of being a native. I can probably name 5 people, off the top of my head, with Chicago flag tattoos and I think 3 of them are transplants.


On that note, speaking as a native Chicagoan, I went to the best art show EVER.At ‘HELLO My Name Is CHICAGO: The Art Edition’ the room was filled with amazing pieces that depicted Chicago culture.The place was packed and this time I don’t think it was for the free booze( Grolsch…eek!)

Does she kind of remind you of Kim Gordon too?
Doesn’t She kind of look like Kim Gordon?
The one time I approve of with rain boots.
One of the few times I will agree with rain boots.

A “killer” Chicago newspaper stand. AHHHH!

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