{{Travel}} A Long Weekend in Denver, the Brooklyn of the Mountains Pt. 2 – Smoke, Shred, and Sexy Time


Three hours from New York City by plane, the Rocky Mountain town of Denver is emerging as an alternative to popular hipster travel destinations like Austin, Portland, and Nashville. Just like the others, you should expect an abundance of beards, PBR, and flannel. What makes this locale unique though is its fresh air, epic views of the mountains, and proximity to some of the best ski/snowboarding destinations in the country. Oh, yes, and legal weed.

After a long weekend in Denver, I have some recs that will help you get the most out of your pilgrimage to “the west” and, more importantly, hit up some of the best weed dispensaries, snowboarding, and dating apps during your short stint.

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Meetup at Cheba Hut Toasted Subs…420 friendly luxury party buses with…Group tours guided by Michael Eymer, owner and founder of Colorado Cannabis Tours…Visit 2 dispensaries and a 420 glass gallery with discounts available at each stop……Only tour with a live glass blowing demonstration…


Growhouse – owner Peter Williams, medicine man. Weed willy Wanka Girl Scout cookies Produces 18 mill worth of weed sold this year. Going public 2 yr return on investment Started in his basement , partnered with bizness brother. Exclusive access to Medicine Man Denver’s40,000 square foot hydroponic grow operation, guided by Pete Williams, owner of Medicine Man…Foria Medicine Man Denver.  40+ cannabis enthusiasts from all around the world…Foria


When packing a bag for the mountains, you’ll want to include plenty of layering pieces. Don’t worry about “night on the town” looks. This is the time to break out all the flannel in your closet. Think “What Would Paula Bunyon Do?”

Base layer |  Long Sleeve Henley Shirt, Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Second layer | Denim Shirt, Plaid Flannel
Third layer – optional  | Fur Vest
Bottoms |  Boyfriend Jeans, Black Leggings
Feet | Marled Socks, Booties

Local Favs
– Rocky mountain oysters
– Bloody Mary’s
– Wassail

Sexy Time//

Lawyer with a nose ring? Welcome to Denver. His name is a straight to the point Zeke or Bart and he looks exactly like you’d imagine – like Tom Brady but with a beard and if he can’t grow one, he’ll be sure to note that he’s really good at something else because in this town scruff is a badge of honor. This tall, handsome fella owns a snowboard, Crawford, Court land

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