For The Boys: Man-dals

Sandals for men are contentious; the internet is full of fashion types telling you the minimalist shoes a no no for the well-dressed gentleman. Don’t listen, sandals are functional and can be as stylish as any other well-crafted piece of footwear. Here are some different types to consider when making your choices:

1. Sport Thong/Flip Flops: Easy to wear and keep clean, flip flops are ubiquitous in the summer and beyond. Not just for the beach anymore, sport thongs come in a spectrum of colors and materials. Choose a sturdy leather pair; with dressy jeans they’re a classic. Also, these are invaluable when you’re travelling, they’re easy to take off and put on going through the airport security.

2. Slides: No longer just for soccer, a slide looks great with khakis or a pair of dressy shorts. Pick a natural fiber upper, again leather is a strong choice, it comes in many lovely colors and looks great for an outdoor wedding or dinner on the terrace. Not meant for a lot of walking, however, do choose a pair that does not shift on your feet much as you move. Consider the Reef Playa Cervesa slide.

3. Fisherman’s/Gladiator sandals: These strappy sandals, which have been around since history began, made another cycle through fashions shows this spring. With something of an enclosed toe, try these with your business suit and push your workplace dress code. Just don’t add socks, unless you’re already someone’s grandpa.

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  • Jake

    Where’s the street style from Pitchfork?!

  • antlet

    I agree except that a boy must be careful whenever he wanna pair sandals with jeans. Jeans are usually meant for shoes and at first a bare foot out of a covered leg might sound strange. Some more rock style sandals, though are perfect with jeans, you can even paint your toenails black at this point. No joke, i mean, it’s typical of the punk rock glam look.
    Also sandals shouldn’t be called mandals, but it’s funny and, like guyliner etc, if not used as a derogatory term :).
    Sandals are not even a minimalist shoe, to be precise, they are not shoes to start with but rather a different item of footwear, made of straps that leave the foot uncovered, while shoes are a footwear which although could be consisting on more or less coverage, it gives a continuos coverage in one piece, at most separeted by seams.

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