{{Street Style}} Spotted: The Chicest Poncho EVER at the Eskell Opening Party

It couldn’t get much better…babes, (free) booze, cute clothes(on sale!) and catering by Mr. TamalesEskell’s opening party was so much fun. In case you missed it, here’s the scene…



Great fall look: tweed blazer, big cat belt buckle & blue leather boots. The Catholic school girl in me loved the charm necklace accoutered with a St. Christopher medal and Italian horn…brings me back to my south side days.

Cute, that ‘s it. Just plain cute!


You know it’s getting cold outside when you see someone wearing two sweaters, AT ONCE. This fella was channeling a total New England vibe with his cardigan and boat shoes, which I love. His mini ponytail was just icing on the cake.


Um, seriously, don’t you love this poncho?!
Belt + Mexican poncho + black tights = fabulosity(that’s not a real word but we can pretend). I’ve said it time and time again, Accessorize. Take note gals!


Do I need to say anything here?

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  • Becca the Promo Mami

    that guy is really hot + that sweater looks hand knit (can’t go wrong with that) ++ lots and lots of texture on the outfit

    good stuff

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