Do Division 2009

  • Anonymous

    fucking hipsters.

  • Anonymous

    sting? what a piece of shit…

  • greenjeans

    i like his burnt sienna jacket a lot.

  • Anonymous

    omg i wish those were my friends, they look amazing, so fun and cool im jealous

  • becca

    curly hair is adorable. the last girl looks great.

  • emma

    what a buncha litterbugs we are, Chicago!

  • Anonymous

    The last girl looks great not because of her outfit but because she is SMILING. Hipsters never smile in photos!

  • barefoot gen

    I miss Chicago! Love the outfit on the last girl.

    … by the way, just started a new Chicago style blog… check it!


    I love Chicago!

    How is Billy Corgan doing? (just kidding 😉

    Lovely blog!

    Kisses and hugs,


  • becca

    hot ginger in the first pic!

  • Anonymous

    Andrew Deady is an ugly. Jaein Lee is a fat.

  • Avant Gaudy

    The hairstyles add so much to all of these outfits

  • Jun

    absolutely loving your picsssss!! fabulous blog!

  • Anonymous

    i agree.. the last girl is beautiful because of her clothes AND her smile. people should smile more 🙂

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