{{Mobile App}} Keep Warm + Make that Blowout Last

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Glamour Mag just introduced a new stand-alone mobile app called, COAT?.

On-the-go girls can finally leave the house prepared for life’s toughest situations. Like, whether or not to throw an umbrella in your already stuffed work bag or grab that jacket even though it doesn’t quite go with your ensemble because, well, it’s f—ing cold out there!

Here’s how it works: After downloading the app, users choose to get daily text alerts on three key areas: coat, ponytail, umbrella. Via the phone’s geolocation feature, guidelines set by the user, and daily local weather information, the app determines whether the day’s weather in the users’ area is cold and/or rainy enough to require grabbing a coat, taking an umbrella, and/or wearing a ponytail. The app also provides styling suggestions to match the day’s weather. To ensure the alert arrives in time for daily planning, users can set what time they would like to receive the alert.

COAT? is available for iPhone at the App Store or at Glamour.com/app.

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