Sophia Loren

{{HBIC}} The OG Big Booty B – Sophia Loren

…cuz you should never, ever feel bad about having a big ole’ butt. Follow Monica’s board Head B*tches In Charge on Pinterest.

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{{Dreamboat}} Who’s The Boss – Era Tony Danza

With Don Jon hitting theaters soon all eyes have been on the movie’s writer/director/actor, JGL. We’ve been crushing on the squinty-eyed, dimple-faced babe for quite a while but before him there was another…

chicago fashion lifestyle blog

{{HBIC}} Girl Crush: 5 Reasons to Love Rita Ora

Discovered at 18 by one of Jay Z’s peeps and groomed to be the next-big-thing. It’s now four years later and she’s prim, polished, and read’ tah go. Rita Ora had us at…

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{{Dreamboat}} Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync-Off with John Krasinski

If I could do it to one celeb for the rest of my life, it would be Jimmy Fallon. I don’t know, man. He just does it for me. John Krasinski on the…

{{Interview}} Molly Soda, Blogger + .GIF Enthusiast

“Molly Soda” is confusing, disgusting, and arousing all at once. She is part of the subgenre, #Seapunk a Web joke-cum-IRL that is fueled by outragous oceanic imagery  – dolphins, mermaids, waves – mixed…

Babes | A$AP Rocky + Diplo + Penn Badgley's Man Bun x Alexander Wang. Boner City in Video Form.

{{Dreamboat}} A$AP Rocky + Diplo + Penn Badgley’s Man Bun x Alexander Wang. Boner City in Video Form.

Presented without comment. Except, 8=======D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. But, I think that’s implied. [via]

Midwest Music: 10 Acts We Would TOTALLY Make Out with at North Coast Music Festival

{{Dreamboat}} 10 Acts We Would TOTALLY Make Out with at North Coast Music Festival

It’s all about the music right?…but a little eye candy never hurts. We’ve complied a list of ten babes, er artists, playing at North Coast Music Festival this Labor Day weekend, Friday, August 31st…

{{Dreamboat}} Ryan Lochte and his Grill

  There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Ryan Lochte accepting his Olympic medal wearing an American flag grill. WTF is that all about?! WHO CARES? Our world would be a more…

Angela Wisniewski

{{Interview}} Angela Wisniewski, Writer/Stylist/Social Media Maven

Why Angela Wisniewski is our midwest muse…BIO HER DEETS Sign: SAGITTARIUS Occupation: Writer/Stylist/Social Media Maven Hometown: DETROIT Current city/neighborhood: DETROIT If I didn’t live in the Midwest, I’d live in… Paradise City My BFF…

BABES | Harvard Baseball Players, Call Me, Maybe?

{{Dreamboat}} Harvard Baseball Players, Call Me, Maybe?

If you’re obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe“, you’re not alone. We all are – me, you, our BFFs, gay husbands, and…Harvard’s baseball team? Apparently, the brainy-jocks recoreded themselves lipsynching…

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