{{Lifestyle}} Bushwick Hipsters

Last night I went to a bar in Bushwick. Not my typical destination on a Friday night but I was very much enjoying my friends’ company so I went along for the adventure….

{{Lifestyle}} Making My Dreams A Hashtag Reality

February holds a lot of meaning for me… For most people, myself included, it signifies celebration: the home stretch before Spring starts (37 days!), Valentine’s Day, and the crown gem of awards season,…

{{Lifestyle}} Same-Sex Marriage is Officially Legal in ALL 50 States

Same-sex marriage is FINALLY legal in all 50 states. Today the U.S. Supreme Court made ruled marriage between two humans is OK regardless of the way their genitals intermingle. Can we get an…

Living in a NYC Studio…It’s Really Not So Bad!

Anyone that lives in NYC will tall you that personal space is almost nonexistent but it’s a tradeoff – you live in a shoebox because you know that you’ll never be home anyway….

Sunday #Selfie: Welp…I Guess Lent Is Over

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Sunday #Selfie: What A Country?!

7 Things I Learned My First Week Living In New York…

Last August I turned 30. It was that day I had my second quarter life crisis. The first was when I was 24.5. Over the last six years I accomplished more than I had…

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{{Lifestyle}} Reality Check – Thoughts on Turning 30

When I was little girl I couldn’t wait to be 30. 27, actually. That was my magic number. Regardless, I wanted to grow up as fast as I could. In my naive, little…

Top Knot Hair Style

Ask a Boy: A***, Top Knots, and Plutonic Boyfriends

Welcome to our new column,  Ask a Boy. Our BFF/bassist of Maps and Atlases, Shiraz Dada, answers your questions about everything and anything like only a real-deal, blunt MF knows how – wit…

Ask A Boy! My BFF Answers All Your Burning Questions

Ask A Boy! My BFF Answers All Your Burning Questions

Confession: I’m turning 30 this year. I know, grosssss! J/K, I’m actually kind of excited. Even though I’m not worried that I’m getting “so old”, I do make want to make the most…

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