Looking for A Boyfriend? Here are 5 Items to AVOID On Your First Date

We chatted with Laurie Davis, founder of eFlirt Expert and author of Love @ First Click, about, what else, dating. The relationship expert sat down to give us some tips on snagging a…


Interview: Molly Soda, Blogger + .GIF Enthusiast

“Molly Soda” is confusing, disgusting, and arousing all at once. She is part of the subgenre, #Seapunk a Web joke-cum-IRL that is fueled by outragous oceanic imagery  – dolphins, mermaids, waves – mixed…

Angela Wisniewski

Interview: Angela Wisniewski, Writer/Stylist/Social Media Maven

Why Angela Wisniewski is our midwest muse…BIO HER DEETS Sign: SAGITTARIUS Occupation: Writer/Stylist/Social Media Maven Hometown: DETROIT Current city/neighborhood: DETROIT If I didn’t live in the Midwest, I’d live in… Paradise City My BFF…

Bukowski As A Babe: 10 Facts About Franki Elliot, Author of "Piano Rats"

Bukowski As A Babe: 10 Facts About Franki Elliot, Author of “Piano Rats”

It’s hard to imagine where we would be if we never picked up a copy of “Hot Water Music”(and every other drug, alcohol, and real-life laced book) in high school. Straight edge? Working…

midwest muse minneapolis Jahna Peloquin Interview

Interview: Jahna Peloquin-Twin Cities Stylist

If you have ever attended a fashion show in the Twin Cities, chances are you have seen the result of the creative eye of resident stylist Jahna Peloquin with Eclecticoiffeur. Not only is…

Interview: Caroline Borucki, Chicago Fashion Designer/Artist

Interview: Caroline Borucki, Chicago Fashion Designer/Artist

“caro____,” no capitals, is thesignature upon the work of recent fashion design graduate of DominicanUniversity.  With her quirky signature and unique panache CarolineBorucki  brings the Midwest streets  one of a kind style throughher …

Interview: Laura Dawson

Interview: Laura Dawson

If you’ve seen Bravo’s new reality show, The Fashion Show, then you know who Laura Dawson is. She’s the sassy, quick witted designer that got kicked off two week’s ago for what judge’s…

ST. LOUIS: This Ain't Your Mama's Spandex

ST. LOUIS: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Spandex

I’m not a conservative girl by any means, however, when someone says, “SPANDEX”, my initial reaction is to run the other way (especially when it’s followed by the word bodysuit). Though, after seeing…

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