Just a Few #RUDE Thoughts on the Fashion at the 2014 Oscars

Of all the events in award season (and, more so, pop culture), the Oscars are known for being the most highly-respected and tres magnifique of them all. EVERYONE who is EVERYONE is there….

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{{Music}} Push Play: Britney Spears Goes Back to Work (Bitch). Sadly, We’re Not Impressed.

Like every girl that came up wearing pleather Wet Seal skirts in the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” – era we’ve been waiting the last two years for Britney to drop something…

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{{HBIC}} Girl Crush: 5 Reasons to Love Rita Ora

Discovered at 18 by one of Jay Z’s peeps and groomed to be the next-big-thing. It’s now four years later and she’s prim, polished, and read’ tah go. Rita Ora had us at…

Hollywood Hipster: Skrillex Looks...Different. Did He Change His Hair??

Hollywood Hipster: Skrillex Looks…Different. Did He Change His Hair??

Skrillex Avril Lavigne after the spring/summer 2013 runway show for her :::sigh::: fashion line, Abbey Dawn. Photo Credit

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Just a Few #RUDE Thoughts on the Style at Cannes 2012(and a Couple of Nice Ones, Too…)

If I told you I wanted to watch these two make love would you judge me? Asking for a friend. :::Golf Claps::: …PS: Nice thumb ring…  U___U Slits…SO HOT right now! Meanwhile, Ang…

Just a Few #RUDE Thoughts on the 2012 Met Ball (and a Couple of Nice Ones, Too…)

Some thoughts on the 2012 Met Ball Gala…  8========D~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don’t know either of these people but I hope they are dating. How come his girl from Twilight hasn’t figured out how to…

Penn Badgley Zachary Quinto MARGIN CALL NY Premiere

Dan Humphrey’s IDGAFro

Dan Humphrey aka Penn Badgely’s hair has been (literally)growing worse and worse with each passing episode of Gossip Girl this season. What was, at first, an attractive JoBro-esque pompadour has become a stuck-my-finger-in-a-socket monstrosity. Maybe I’m…

Motor City's Bad Rap (and Rapper) Get Some Super Bowl Sunday Love

Motor City’s Bad Rap (and Rapper) Get Some Super Bowl Sunday Love

Detroit is a city that, more often than not, gets pegged as the Midwest’s ghetto, beat down, or just plain dangerous. (Let’s get real, we’ve all seen 8 Mile.) To try and change…

Hollywood Hipster: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Dunstenhaal

Remember how cute Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal were together back in the early two thous? They were the ultimate Hollywood hipster power couple before Taylor Squared was even born. Four years later,…

Hollywood Hipster: Your Body Is An Eightball

He had me at Room for Squares and lost me when he started dating “Maniston” and now he has me again. The internets is in an uproar about John Mayer’s recent Playboy article….

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